Spring 2019

Horseshoe Bend marina

Hug my sister.

The phrase “hug my sister” came from a moment during our 2019 spring retreat and became the anthem of our time together. It happened as we gathered around the fire to share, to release, and make ourselves vulnerable with and for each other. We had the great fortune of hosting an incredible pair of sister and during one particularly emotional share in which they were seated on opposite sides of the circle we heard, “hug my sister for me” echo across the fire. It was cemented in the ethos of the rest of the experience. It became a free pass for vulnerability, a shield with which we could protect each other, and an expression of love.

We are incredibly grateful for the amazing women that made up our first retreat. They are kind and intelligent and loving and they all came ready to immerse themselves fully in all that we had to offer. They remain good friends both to each other and to us.

It was such a treat to step away from life for a few days & recharge. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. I’m leaving here with a calmer mindset and yet excited to take on life. I loved the tent & how it was styled & the food was amazing! Plus, I made a ton of meaningful, professional, and personal connections. Thank you so much for your time, your energy & all of the other future badass events you’ll create.
— Amanda