Horseshoe Bend Marina, walling TN

October 4th - 6th, 2019


A yoga + wellness retreat for women

The TRILUNA Experience

We believe that realistic health is the key to true wellness. We believe that balance is better than dogma. We believe that trauma grows in the dark and that all the kale in the world wont heal you if you bury that trauma. Mostly, we believe that building and benefiting your community is the strongest way to increase your health and happiness. Our retreats combine our three core services—movement, health coaching, and home cooking—into one immersive experience designed to touch on all of these things. We’ll teach you skills that you can carry into your daily life. We’ll use yoga to increase self-love and build body awareness. We’ll dine under the stars warmed by a glowing fire. We’ll certainly drink way too much wine. We will laugh, we will cry, and we will build community to last a lifetime.


this retreat is about

Wellness, Community, & Magic

We create comprehensive retreats that are as enjoyable as they are transformative, because we believe health should be accessible, sustainable, and tinged with just a bit of magic. 

This retreat was a wonderful time to learn new things, craft new friendships, lose negativity and gain perspective on myself, my community & my sisterhood.
— Erin P.

yoga classes + workshops


Downtime to deepen your personal practice


Glamping in canvas tents with memory foam mattresses


Kayaking on the river


Build your community and make friendships to last a lime time



Yoga & Classes

Participate in all or none of the activities we offer, this is your retreat and if you're here just to sleep and drink wine that's fine with us too. Activities include:



Our yoga classes are designed for all levels. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or an experienced practitioner you will find what you need in our classes. We are Hatha Yoga trained which means one movement to one breath. We focus on breath work, alignment, meditation, strength, and relaxation. Great for toning the body, mind, and spirit!

Sister circles

This retreat is about connection. You’ll make friendships that will last a life time around a fire where everyone finds themselves on a level playing field. We’ll share our intentions, release what no longer serves us, and work on manifesting what we most want. This is a powerful experience and we all leave changed as a result.

Live music

Music enhances all experiences, so we’ve invited singer/song-writer Kylie Morgan to bring her art to our retreat. A yoga teacher herself, Kylie will add song and chant to our shavasanas and perform as we gather around the fire Friday evening after our workshop.



We’re more interested in teaching life skills than we are one off classes so we wrap all of that up into each of our workshops. Our cooking class is about basic knife skills and transforming everyday items into delicious meals. Our tarot workshops will teach you how to use tarot for self discovery, And our yoga workshop will help to balance and tone all your chakras.




Horseshoe Bend Marina


Amongst the trees at Horseshoe Bend Marina, just two hours away from Nashville, TN, are a collection of cozy, well-decorated canvas tents. In the morning you'll walk out onto the porch and breathe in the fresh air while you soak up the views of the river. 

This experience was exactly what was needed to blow the cobwebs out. I am so grateful for the community I have found with all the amazing women here this weekend. Thank you. You’ve given me such a gift. Thank you so much.
— Christina K.